Prayers that all businesses should know to grow and prosper

What is the best prayer for money?

How can God bless my business?

How should a business pray for success?

How can I get God to bless my business?

There is no power stronger than the power God gives us to grow our business and make business more profitable.  As you probably know that, if we combine our effort and working with holy power granted by god, we can have a amazing success in our business. In fact prayers for business success is nothing but achieving such powers from God. So here we are going to answer some questions related to prayer for business growth and then introduce you a prayer for business prosperity.

What is the best prayer for money?

The best prayers for success, prosperity and abundance are the prayers that have the following criteria:

  • best prayer should be sincere and clear
  • Best prayer should have wisdom of prayer
  • Best prayer should not only show God you need him but also you love him.
  • Best prayer should be expressed by beautiful and nice words.
  • best prayer is followed by business prayer dedication.

Here in this article we interduce a prayer that meets all mentioned criteria to make your business grow and succeed.

How can God bless my business?

As we mentioned earlier in our previous article prayers that all riches know, there are tons of ways with which God bless your business, including:

  • You will have a great sense of intuition
  • You obtain the power of hardworking
  • You will be blessed with the power of persistence
  • You will be inspired with great ideas
  • You always know how to use the best of anything
  • You will be granted with knowledge and skills
  • You will enjoy learning and become smarter
  • You will do always what you should do
  • Your mind always brings you best answer for your needs
  • You will be more convincing in selling
  • Your products become more attractive for customers.
  • Everything becomes done according to your benefits.

It is not possible to mentions all the ways that God can help us to grow our business or bring prosperity since They are infinites since God power is infinite.

The best blessing from God, however, is the financial breakthrough that you may encounter in your business if you pray regularly and work for your business.( To pray more see 3 Prayers for immediate financial blessings)

How should a business pray for success?

While you are praying for business, you need to consider the wisdom of prayer. The wisdom of prayer is what make your prayer scientific. It means if you want a prayer to bring abundance and prosperity out of your business, you need to pray for skills or requirements which make your business grow faster.

Here we are going to offer you some prayers for business growth.

 How can I get God to bless my business?

If you want to get God to bless your business, you need to pray for the following ones:

The above skills bring wisdom to your prayer and help you to get better answer since it makes your prayer sincere and clear.

Now let’s have a look on some prayers which are effective for business growth and can be considered as prayers for business success.

Prayers for business Growth

Almighty God, there is nothing more important than your satisfaction and love So I do nothing but behave to please you. Even when I pray you to grow my business, I do it to have more ability for serve you more sincerely. This is why I pray for my business growth so I can serve your servants better. This is why I ask you to help me improve my products and services to satisfy your servants which make you pleased. Oh thee, the God of abundance, The God of love, The God of prosperity and The God of improvement, grant me your wisdom and inspiration, tight direction, resources and passion to make my business improved and fruitful.

please grant me your help to keep resisting all greed and dishonest temptation and work honestly to please my customer and have your satisfaction.

Prayers to make your production beneficial

I need to emphasize that above all, I worship you to grant me your love since there is nothing more important than that even the prosperity of my business so I am satisfied with any plan you have for me whether making my business grow or fail it.

I pray that all my items be a blessing to those who purchase them. I have no intention but provide beneficial services to my clients. I praise you to help me offer products that is worth serving my customers. I Ask thee, my almighty God to provide me with the funds I need to direct my business to rightness.

Gracious Lord, help me to show people that I want to serve them honestly and provide me with sincere marketing which introduce my services to those who need.

I hope your grace surrounds my production that my clients may take the advantages of my products and services.

Prayers for skills and wisdom

The God of love, I demand you that you present me the wisdom on how to take best out of funds once you offer me and serve it in the rightlessness of you path while always feeling your presence

All I know and all I have; I believe they are gifts from you to help me move forward and step on the road to success.

My almighty God, grant me with the motivation of hardworking like you saints who did nothing but serve you and your servants. Help me to learn more about things that I need to know for business to prosper.

I pray you to provide me the ability and talents that I need for taking the best of my work and lead my business in the best possible way. Help me to find ideas which gives me wisdom of progress to grow and prosper in my life. I ask you sincerely to help me find more effective ways to help others and show them How much the love for God is strong since I am a servant of him and all I have and all I do are the results of his grace.

Last words

Keep in you mind that, you should set regular times to read this prayer several times and think about its meaning deeply. Then start to work and manage your business to see how stronger and smarter you become.

More you read these prayers; more you feel the consequences of praying wisely. So give time to yourself and don’t expect a sudden change. But you can be sure that, as time passes, you will see amazing changes in your life.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers which is scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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