5 ways to make someone laugh over text whenever you want

It should be easy to know how to make someone laugh over a text message if you understand these 5 different ways of writing text.

In fact, you don’t need to make jokes in order to make someone laugh since during a message conversation there is always a way to create jokes about a certain situations or any conversation.

we talk about making other laugh over text because times have changed a lot. In the modern world, people prefer to communicate by text messages or by chatting rather than physical face-to-face conversations.

It is obvious that there are several guides on the internet telling us that making people laugh during a massage conversation needs saying something unexpected.

But the real question is how do we make people laugh?

our 5 different ways that we present down below will make your conversation be an easier success, especially if you are having a hard time to make others laugh by text messages or chatting.

  1. consider the other one preference
  2. knowing the structure of jokes 
  3. Using oppositely yes and no answer
  4. Using contradictory numbers
  5. 2 typical items + 1 unexpected item

Like we stated above, texting is the modern way of communication today. Unlike before, when communication was mostly restricted to speaking face-to-face or by writing letters, we have a chance to embrace these new tools that technology has supplied us with by adapting our way of writing. We can make our text more informal, personal, and funny which can result in many humorous conversations.

To make someone laugh over a text message, whenever you want, requires you to practice an essential communication skill. 

In order to improve this skill, we must first take a look at some basic rules that decides how to make someone laugh over a text message, which can come in handy when you want to make someone, who is sad, happy again. It can also help you to make anyone you want fall in love with you. 

funny texting #1: finding the readers preferences

When chatting with someone, it is obvious that you need to know their type of personality before trying to be funny. Since not all jokes are funny for everyone ( see different types of humor and related personalities)..

The theme of your jokes should be different when talking with your love from your classmate. Jokes involving politics, sexual orientation or the so called “dirty words” should be considered before written since it may not be according to the readers preferences.

The message here to remember is that you must know your reader or audience before making strong jokes.

funny texting #2: understanding the structure of joke

The most important rule of being funny is understanding how to apply your sense of humor,
whether it is by texting or by face-to-face conversations. The most important part of a joke or a funny conversation is the introductory construction and the punchline.

1. Constructing a potential joke: This refers to a conversation or a situation which has the potential to be used as an introductory part of a joke to make others laugh. Depending on what happens in this potential situation the reader creates a potential expectation of how the situation will end, but before reaching the end and thus confirming the expectations the writer will create a totally unexpected scenario which can be bizarrely funny to the reader. In fact, this method can be applied in many scenarios and may result in laughter. This is what we call potential joke because it all depends on how well the writer’s strategy is.

2. Punchline: The funniest part of a joke or sentence which intends to make people laugh is called a punchline. It is when the expectation is met with the unexpected reality that the punchline emerges. In other words, it refers to the funny conclusion. The punchline is dependent on introductory construction of potential joke to create the surprising and unexpected ending that may lead to an hilarious situation.  While texting, it is important to find the appropriate situation to make your introductory construction of joke and to end with a punchline. If you have liked what you have read so far, please continue to read this article because we still have 3 more different ways to explain how you can make anyone laugh over your text messages.

funny texting #3: How to make yes or no answers funnier.

The punchline, which we wrote about before, can be used in many funny ways when texting. If used properly, even answers like yes or no can be used in a funny way. In such a case, the reader may expect you to answer with a simple yes or no, but in fact the writer can change the answer and thus making it funnier by saying something completely opposite.

For example, imagine if someone texts “are you chatting with ME?”. This answer to this question is necessary for the questioner to know if you are only chatting with them or not;  since that person does not like that you share your attention with someone else, instead they
want all your attention for themselves.

The best thing that you can do is to make them less worried and confirm their question and at the same time make them laugh. This can be done with a sense of humor and by applying your punchline, for example give a sarcastic answer like “No, I’m chatting with myself”.

The italic words which is the punchline can be replaced with anything else but it should be chose accordingly to your shared preferences. In other words, write what you think will be funny regarding to the situation, context and preferences.

Other examples include “No, I’m chatting with someone very important”, which has a more romantic theme. If the reader shows more curiosity about “that very important someone”, the writer can write “ he/she is my future husband/wife”, or if you don’t want to talk about mariage, just write “he/she is the only one I’m chatting with at the moment”.

Another example of answer is “No, I’m chatting with someone foolish”, which should be used with more caution.

funny texting #4: Use contradictory numbers

Another way of creating innovative funny punchline is to mention contradictory numbers. You can use numbers to answer someone oppositely. the only thing you need is that a proper situation must occur to create this type of punchline which will be the usage of numbers.

For example, if someone text you that ” do you have a free time?”, a good answer would be “Not so much, only 16 hours per day”.
Keep in mind that the punchline and the numbers should be according to your shared preferences of whom you are chatting with. Note that the secret here is to create expectation and then suggest a number, which is contradictory to the expectation.

The word “only” can be added before saying a big number and expressing “a huge amount” can be added before a smaller number to make the sentence funnier.

funny texting #5:  the rule of 3 = 2 + 1

To establish a potential introductory construction, you can give expected and serious suggestions and one totally meaningless and funny.  for example, if someone texts you and ask ” how do you usually go to a date ” and you answer ” 1) by my own car or 2) sometimes by walking and most of the time 3) by flying … while dreaming”

Again it might now seem so much funny here when you read it in this article but as I said before, the punchline should be created based on your previous understanding of the one you want to make him or her laugh.

As written above, make your third punchline according to the shared preferences of whom you are chatting with. Remember that the punchline, also called number three above, can be changed and altered into so many cool expressions so be cautious. For example, it is a fuuny attempt to answer a question like “what foods do you like?” with “pizza, spaghetti and a beautiful girl”.

last word

As you may have noticed by now, you can find tones of creative ways to make someone laugh over text if you know how to find these perfect situations and how to apply your introductory construction and punchlines into your unique situations.

The most crucial answer to the question of how to make someone laugh is by making others laugh while you are relaxed, cool and have a innovative mind. Remember that developing skills needs time and practice.

Remember that we have been talking about the importance of making jokes based on personal preferences and this is because once knowing the preferences the sky is your limit. Then you can use the punchlines to create potential jokes, the use of yes and no, the method of contradictory sentences with numbers and the usage of the rule of 3.

This is “only” the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding conversations but remember that every moment can be as funny as you would like.

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