Prayer to stop spending money and save it

All of us wish to be in a proper financial position. We also know that money cannot be made without effort. Of course, we need God to help us in our efforts and pave the way for us to earn money. In order to reach God’s help, we have to say prayers regularly. As you know, Praying attracts positive energy from God and brings us closer to our goal.

One the beneficial prayer which can help anyone regarding his financial position is prayer to save money. We must say prayers to save money can be useful when we are going to manage our income and avoid financial instability.

But you keep in your mind that, saving money is not enough and if you want to have a successful financial situation, you need to pray for increasing you income as well.

It is not different whether you pray for increasing your income or saving money, the most important thing is that you pray for things that you need to achieve your goals.

In other words, for the prayers to be accepted, the background, including factors that lead to answer the prayer, must be fully prepared. Otherwise, we have confused prayer with miracles.

In the following article, first, we are going to explain what prayers we need to get our money saved. And then, we will have some powerful prayers to save money and prayers for prosperity, success, abundance, and financial breakthrough.

What prayer do you pray to get saved

Obviously, in order to be able to save money and avoid financial crises, we need to strengthen certain characteristics. For example, we must be able to resist the temptations of the devil, or to avoid extravagance.

Other than that, we need to be able to use our income in the right way. For example, we can help the in-need people, or we can use part of our income to go toward decent activities, in which we can serve the people to satisfy God. Consequently, our goodwill will be proven to God, and in return, God blesses our income and money, God also get our prayers for success, prosperity, and abundance will not go unanswered.

So far, we have realized, if we want our prayers to save money be answered, we need God to accept the prayers related to it first. The prayers that we need are as follows:

Prayer to avoid temptations

Temptation can take us away from our goal to save money. Many thanks to the Lord, We have good income, and enough money. So, we must be careful not to dissatisfy Him and at the same time try to improve our financial situation ( to know more see  Prayer to save money and get financial help)

On the other hand, being tempted and sinful causes the money to be spent for no good, which makes it impossible for us to save money. Therefore, the prayers of saving money and income will only be accepted, only if we pray and ask God to keep the unpleasant temptations away from us.

Prayer to help the in-need

Did you know that, if you help the poor and in-need people, and also do decent activities, Holy God, The Provider, will bless your money, and provide you with wealth many times more than what you have spent? Yes! That’s it. Helping the poor, and investing your money on decent deeds that satisfy God, not only does not reduce your wealth, but also increases prosperity and abundance. However, we must ask God to strengthen our sense of generosity, so that we can serve His servants.

Therefore, let us not forget that among our prayers for saving money, we should ask God to give us the ability of giving and helping the poor which is also helpful while praying for growing your business since it helps us not to fail while serving Him and His servants.

Prayer to avoid extravagance

Another bad behavior that keeps us from saving money, is extravagance. This behavior stems from temptation, but it might cause no harm to anybody except for the person, himself. As you know, the extravagant always spends in vain and has no control over his pocket, and this behavior will lead to financial instability. So whenever you ask The Lord to enable you to save money, also ask Him to keep you away from this bad behavior, which is extravagance.

Prayer to manage bank account

This ability, which means the ability to manage our bank account, is the key component to save money. Managing your bank account means having control over what, and how you spend your money. ( to pray more see prayers for managing money )

According to this, you will be able to save your money, and stay financially strong. So, how wonderful it would be if we ask God in our prayers for saving money, to grant us the ability to manage our bank account, and accept our prayer for financial help and stability.

Start praying for saving money

As we mentioned in the previous parts, for our prayers about saving money be accepted, we need to ask God for other powers like generosity, management, the power to avoid bad temptations, and extravagance. Let’s recite some powerful prayers for saving money, along with prayers for financial help and stability. The following prayers consist of powerful financial prayers and breakthroughs:

prayer for saving money

  • Worshiping Lord, your word says that we should be good stewards and managers of all that we have been given, and I know that also includes the way we manage our money and finances.

Lord, I want to be an accurate steward of all that you have bestowed me, for I know that everything I have, comes from You, and I want to be wise with the money that you have delegated to me. That’s why I want you to answer my prayer to save money, so that I can manage all I have only to satisfy you.

  • My Heavenly Lord, Give me intuition in the way that I spend my money, and intelligence to avoid me from making foolish choices, particularly in the area of giving and spending.

Thank You, Lord. I believe that all things come from you, and I thank You for your day by day provision.

  • May Almighty God, you said in your word that if anyone needed knowledge and wisdom, they may ask you, and you give it willingly to all who ask. I come to you today to ask for wisdom, mainly in my transactions with money and finances.

My Great Provider Lord, I do not own a lot of money or savings, but I have always had enough, for which I honor your name. However, the cost of all the needs and necessities of life appears to be rising. So I need you heartily and at the moment to answer my prayer for income. And I ask you from the bottom of my heart, to give me intuition on how to spend my money wisely.

  • Lord Almighty, I know that does not matter how much money I have in my purse, I can always spend it on something. More than that, proverbs says that money is like a wild animal and needs to be controlled. For this reason, I want to be able to have control over my savings. So, please my Lord, answer my powerful financial prayers, and let me know how to be a wise saver so that I can save my money for the upcoming years.

Give me wisdom, Lord, to use the money I have wisely and to be successful. Help me, my God, to be generous and helpful without being unreasonable, to be liberal without being imprudent, to give freely when inspired by you without feeling obliged to give to everyone in-need.

Last word

We all know that what we have, comes from God. So we need to be careful with our manners toward Him. He is kind enough to succeed us, and able to accept all our prayers for success. Does not matter on how we want to succeed, on saving my, on increasing income, or on financial help and stability. The only thing we can do is to pray regularly, and He will answer willingly.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers which is scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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