prayers to dedicate our business to god

If you want to get help from God, you should know about business dedication prayer which dedicates your business to God. If you do that and God accept your dedication, he gets the control of your business which helps you to become successful in your business.

So, you will be inspired by great ideas to make your business grow faster and also you will be motivated to work hard strongly while you are smart and wise. It also helps you to increase customer numbers and sales. In short, by business dedication prayer, you would be equipped with all things that you need to make a wonderful business.

But you should remember that, business dedication prayer is not only about dedicate it verbally but also practically.

So first we explain what you need to know, to dedicate your business practically and then we talk about a prayers that ask God to accept your business as his own which will help you to grow your business. ( To know more about prayers to grow your business look at Prayers that all businesses should know to grow and prosper)

What is the prayer of consecration and dedication?

As we mentioned earlier business dedication prayer is one of the prayers that all riches know. So if you decide to dedicate your business, you should know there are things that you have to do before reading business dedication prayer.

Just remember that You should write them all on a piece of paper and keep it until you do them. It help you to remember your commitment.

after doing those things, you can start praying and asking God to accept your dedication. Things you should do to dedicate your business are included in the following:

  • You need to specify god’s share: If you want to dedicate something to someone you need to specify its share. Of course you can’t pay God anything deserved him since he is needless and almighty. You can, however, dedicate part of your interest to the poor. You don’t have to allocate a big part since you just want to show that you care about the poor. It is said that helping the poor make your business cover with grace so that your customer numbers and sale will be increased ( To know more see prayers to increase customers numbers and sales).
  • Relate to the God’s commandments: If you want to dedicate your business to God, you must specify how it is going to relate to the path of God. If we consider the commandments of God as a path towards his will, so we should show how our business relates to those of God. For example, you can specify a part of your interest to promote theism and salvations. Here again like the previous one, you should write your plans regarding dedicating your business in a piece of papers.
  •  Don’t wait until your success: If you make plan for yourself to allocate or pay parts of your business interests to God, don’t wait until you become rich or earn a lot of money. Start from now and make a vow for God to show that your business is dedicated to him even now that you haven’t so much interest.
  • Find more ways: These are only some examples to show you how you can dedicate you business practically but you can still find many other ways to do that. Just think how you can use your business to do things which is according to God’s will.

Besides the mentioned actions that you need to do to dedicate you business, there are some other tips that helps you to get your prayer answered. These tips are also proved by science and can bring wisdom to your prayer. So if you are interested, have a look on  things that make you prayer for money scientific.

business dedication prayer

In the name of God, I announce that my purpose in running this business is to glorify you and your wills. I choose to work in a way that you please and spend my interests in a way that you approve. I have no intention but helping those who need help and promoting the commends that you proclaim. ( To pray more see Best possible Prayers for protection at work)

There is no reason behind what I do but dedicating my business to you. I wish my mind becomes filled by your presence and my thought become strong by your graces. I dedicate all I have in my business and promise you to live as you satisfy. I pray for that you work in me and do you will and act according to your good purposes. I commit myself to carry out what you commend and become loyal to rightness and goodness.

From the deepest part of my hear, I proclaim that I dedicate my business to you and specify a part of the money I earn for promoting your commands.

I just want to dedicate my business in a way that you accept my business as your own, then I may be blessed with your unlimited grace to work better and try harder and succeed farther. Thank you for all you have grant me and all you may grant me.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers which is scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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