7 ways to develop a sense of humor


If we knew the benefits of having a sense of humor and the advantages it would have for our whole body we would develop it more and more. Being funny is possibly one of the best things you can do for your health. You can also think of a sense of humor as a guard to your mind’s immune system. Humor also improves people’s overall quality of life.

Researchers have found that people who score highly in certain types of humor have better self-esteem. Humor can actually improve your physical immune system. Laughter can also improve cardiovascular health and lowers heart rates, blood pressure, and muscular tension.

Your sense of humor has been developing since you were born. It has developed in stride with all your cognition, and has shaped by your upbringing. You might laugh at the same things your parents do, and you might have difficulty understanding humor outside of the range of your familial and social background.

Even with your familiar context, you are not likely to be in on every joke. You might need extra contexts to understand some humorous references, or you might express your sense of humor differently than others. So, that is why developing your sense of humor will help you communicate better with others, and it can help you go easier on yourself. Here, we are going to bring you 7 ways to develop a sense of humor.

1. Understand different types of humor

As we mentioned above there are many benefits in having a sense of humor and being funny. In order to make the best of those benefits, we have to learn how to develop our sense of humor, so, first step to develop it is to learn different types of humor.

We can also know others better if we understand their humor and jokes. When we read someone’s humor we are able to understand their obvious spoken words and everything they might be implying. In this part we highlighted different types of humor ( for more information look at different types of humor and related personalities).


( to have more information look at Different types of humor in conversation and writing)

2. Learn to take a joke

Now that you have learned different types of humor, you might want to develop your sense of humor. If you are being teased, try to joke back instead of getting mad. If you are not certain whether or not you are being teased, ask yourself “is it likely that this person would want to upset me? Is it just as likely that they are trying to be friendly?” you can understand it by asking  yourself what bad feelings it brings up.

When you make sure that someone is teasing you, you can use your sense of humor skills to make a joke of him or her , but be careful not to be offensive. you, however, may not found any joke to tease them so you should try to learn from them and inspect how the use the words or play with them to make something fun. It can improve your social skill as well, but if you are offended by their jokes, you don’t t have to pretend you think it is funny. If you are being persistently teased in a way that hurts you, explain that you do not enjoy the teasing and would like it to stop.

3. Learn to joke around

Once you have learned how you can improve your sense of humor by monitoring others, try including what you have leaned in your conversations with friends.

Try to be funny by telling jokes you have learned, and do not be too disappointed if they do not make your friends laugh. you can also make your target laugh over text. just Try to tell your joke as if you commenting on the weather. A casual delivery is often the funniest part of an absurd comment. look at these two ideas for making jokes:

  • Make up jokes: Look for the absurdity of a situation you are in, or an illogical decision you made, and try to tell it like a funny story.
  • Write silly captions for the photographs you have taken: Do the objects in your photographs appear to be doing something other than what they are doing? Saying they are doing something they are obviously not is one easy way to joke.

4. Joke kindly and carefully

 Being funny can be considered as one of the great aspects of every ones’ personality .After you got familiar with different types of jokes, taking jokes and how to make them ,it is time to learn how to make jokes in a way that you do not upset others.

Jokes about acquaintances should not show that acquaintance in a bad light. If you are making fun of your loved one, for instance, try to joke about a positive aspect of that person, rather than a weakness ( see 35 short techniques to make anyone fall in love with you )

For example, if a colleague is always on time, say you set your watch by them. If your child writes a good paper for school, say they will be promoted to teacher next.

Avoid jokes that comment on the appearance of others, even positively. The ways appearances are evaluated is inevitably radicalized, classed, and gendered. Joking about someone’s appearance is likely to put them in an uncomfortable position, and may look like a power move on your part.

5. Explore comedy

After practicing above mentioned techniques ,it is time to gain more experience to improve your sense of humor and one of the ways can be  watching different comedies and videos of stand-up comedians to learn the kinds of humor that appeal to you and learn some rules that professional comedians do to be more witty.

If videos do not ever make you laugh, try listening to recording of a comedian, and reading humorous novels and comics. You might find you respond more to written words than to voices, or to illustrations than to facial expressions.

Most comedy isn’t funny to most people, so don’t give up if it takes you a while to find something you like.

6. Stay Positive and laugh More

This may be the single most important tip on our list. Who laughs at a joke from someone who is frowning? Not many. You will not even laugh at your own jokes if you are full of negative feeling. To really develop a sense of humor you need to laugh more.

Taking jokes and knowing how to tell them is great , it is perfect to be careful not to upset anyone and also watch different kinds of comedy , but if you don’t follow the humor how can you really know what’s funny? If you are happy and laugh you will see that humor will flow naturally through you. You can feel jokes coming up in your gut and then it is time to express them. Being nervous and hesitant will kill a good sense of humor.

7. Practice

The last tip  is practice. Comedy is something where it all comes down to delivery and timing. If your delivery and timing are not correct, even the most hilarious jokes can fall flat.

So how do you improve yourself after learning previous tips ? By practice. Keep practicing. Keep working on your joke taking capacity, on how to joke around while you are showing your politeness and also what you have learned from others in comedy movies and standup comedies. Practice to stay positive and have a good attitude toward life.

Last words

in conclusion ,there can be some other ways to improve your sense of humor ,however , these highlighted tips will undeniably come in handy if you feel that you need to improve your sense of humor.

To summaries what we said , first step is getting to know different types of humor and then it all depends on you to practice to improve your joke taking personality and how to joke around ,also how not to offend others by your jokes and how to stay positive.

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