Different types of humor in conversation and writing

We gave you, in our latest article, some points on how to improve your sense of humor and we also named different types of humor in conversation. And here , we are going to elaborate various kinds of humor in conversation in more details and also explain different types of humor in writing.

It is important to know different kinds of humor and be able to differentiate between them. Because knowing about different types of humors helps us to understand how to be funny and witty. From making connections with your peers to getting your crush to like you, having a good sense of humor will always add to your arsenal when socially interacting with someone.

Knowing about different types of humor also helps us to understand people’s personality better since each personality prefers to use some specific type of humors.

Types of humor in conversation

You may be familiar with some types of humor anyway, but here we are going to point out some of them that are popular around the word and by using English descriptive words we can learn them better.

Physical or slapstick

This is probably the easiest one to explain. It is a physical kind of humor. It means someone is using exaggerated or wild body movements. Usually, there is gags, pranks and practical jokes involved but it always has to do with the body, or comedy around the body behaving oddly.in this type people are getting hurt often, maybe they slip and fall, maybe something is falling on them. It can be painful to watch at times and yet it brings out the laughter in us humans. A classic examples of this type of humor could be Charlie Chaplin or the Three Stooges ( see 10 techniques to make someone laugh really hard).

Self-deprecating humor

It is a type of humor  in which physical humor can be used. When someone is really good at self-deprecating humor it means they can underestimate or make fun of themselves in front of others in a way to amuse them and make them laugh. Self-deprecating humor makes people feel comfortable because the person seems real and humble and able to make themselves vulnerable enough to laugh at themselves.

Surreal or absurd humor

This one is not the same as self-deprecating or physical humor. This humor arises from a subversion of audience expectations, so that amusement is founded on unpredictability, separate from a logical analysis of the situation. The humor derived gets its appeal from the ridiculousness and unlikeliness of the situation. The genre has roots in surrealism in the arts. This is the kind of humor one can see in the story (or movie) “Alice in Wonderland”. It takes the world and flips it upside down. The result is so odd and strange that it ends up being funny ( see 7 ways to develop a sense of humor).

Improvisation or improve humor

It is a type of comedy which is actually a live theatre where everything is made up on the spot means most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted , somehow like surreal or absurd humor. It is quite a difficult thing to pull off comedy in the moment or on the spot, but often times that awkwardness is what makes it funny. It generally requires a team of actors working together to build up the comedy.

Witty or dry humor

This kind of humor is so difficult to detect. It is completely opposite compared with physical or slapstick kind of humor. Witty humor requires your mind to be active and engaged. It may not always be “laugh out loud” funny. In fact, the person who uses dry humor often shows little to no emotion at all. This is why it is often called “deadpan” humor. The way the person appears to be serious is a big part of what makes it funny. Sarcasm can sometimes be a big part of witty humor. When it is used in a mean way it can hurts somebody’s feeling, but when used gently it can be funny without putting someone else down. A lot of sarcasm has to do with your tone of voice used.

Wordplay humor or puns

sometimes called dad jokes or play with words .like witty or dry humor it takes a lot of skill to make use of it ,in this type sentences are oddly made. You should not exaggerate something or like slapstick make people laugh by moving your body or like self deprecating make fun of yourself. You do not have to make it right on the spot either. It is just depends on your creativity that is used in every kinds of for-mentioned types of humor in conversation.

Observational humor

This is the type of humor most often used by stand up comedians. They find the bits of humor in examining our day to day lives. In this type , comedians mostly utilize previously mentioned types too. They search for unusual movements or speeches among audiences  to make fun of it without assaulting them.

Different type of humor in writing

Writers also can make people laugh and make use of different types of humor in their writings .Here are some terms to describe types of ridicule intended to make us laugh. These types of humor has widely used in literature and artistic works .

  • Satire: This broad term applies to literature that blends criticism, wit, and ironic humor with the aim of ridiculing or rebuking someone or something. The target of satire can be person or thing.
  • Parody: A parody is the imitation of a created work. Originally the word referred to a written work, but now it can also apply to graphic art or music. A parody is not necessarily intended to ridicule, but it often does.
  • Travesty: this type of humor in writing is similar to Parody while the difference in that the parody is intentionally silly while the travesty is unintentionally silly.
  • Caricature: We usually think of a caricature as a drawing, but the word can also refer to written descriptions that exaggerate the peculiarities of the person being ridiculed.
  • Lampoon: A lampoon is a virulent attack on an individual. It can be written, or in the form of a drawing. In the early years of the United States, political lampoons were both common and vicious. Our own political cartoons can be seen as lampoons.
  • Burlesque: The word burlesque has various meanings, one of which is “a strip-tease show.” In the context of satire, however, a burlesque is an outrageous imitation of something that is supposed to be taken seriously.

In conclusion , now that we point out various types of humor in conversation and writing , by reading and understanding different types of humor and how to be funny we do not have any serious problem to improve our sense of humor .

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