Most important tips to improve your self esteem

Nowadays, one of the most important issues of developed and developing nations is about self-esteem. According to prolific researches of scholars in the 1980s in the California, lack of self-esteem was the most significant reason of involving “heptad difficulties” in people such as quitting school, smoking, having liaison, and….

For this reason, eminent psychologists released different books about this issue, for instance, Nathaniel Branden, which had been known as the father of self-esteem psychology knowledge, has released a book which was “six pillars of self-esteem” that is the main source of the following techniques to to improve your self-esteem in relationships.

Knowing about Benefits of self-esteem

As the first step for improving and enhancing such an important issue in the knowledge of psychology, we need to become familiar with benefits and exigent of actualizing that.

This familiarization, brings about people embrace changes in their idiosyncrasy, giving rise to a revolution in their relationships with others. The more people know about the benefit of self-esteem, the more our unconscious will expand our self-esteem. Now we are going to clarify the value of self-esteem and its role in our lifetime in the following by using three items:

  1. Improving social skills: Self-esteem prevent people to have the feeling of toxic shame in gathering. It helps them bring up powerful social skills on their personality such as teamwork and make a friend in public gathering.
  2. Someone falls in love with you: When you enhance your self-esteem, you get to introduce your merits to others, and you dare to start a romantic relationship. It helps people attracts to you and fall in love with you.
  3. Improving the sense of humor: Self-confidence, which occurs thanks to self-esteem, plays a pivotal role in creating the sense of jocundity, because it helps us believe people’s sense of humor and their quip ( see 7 ways to develop a sense of humor )

Self-love and assuming you are lovely

 After talking about the benefits of self-esteem, now we are going to delve into self-love which helps to enhance the feeling of self-esteem in people’s life and in their relationships.

The first step for understanding this issue is that:” Even if I had one friend between seven billion people in the world, it would mean, I am lovely and I can be loved”.

This theory has a condition, which is I should think people all around the world are same as me, at least one person love them, accordingly, all the people are lovely.

If I have some habits and attributes that are not interesting for some persons, it does not mean that I am a bad person, ugly, or unlovely, it just has one meaning: “we are different, we just have different characters.”

This mentality will help us to give up jealousy, sense of competition, and comparing our characters and station with others.

eliminating jealousy and competition not only help people to have self-esteem, but also it brings about having better relationship with each other. When we stop comparing ourselves, we can love people more and more, we can be loved by our friends with differences


 The last but not least issue related to improving self-esteem is about self-respect. When you regard yourself with the highest respect, your self-esteem will increase too, and vice versa.

In fact, self-esteem is how you estimate yourself and the self-respect is the way that you prefer to treat with yourself. Different behavior can engender the feeling of respect in people, such as considering their freedom, considering their fondness, and speak politely with them to name but a few. Now, I am going to clarify the concept of self-respect and its relation with self-esteem by using an example.

Psychologists have realized that kids take the first steps of achieving self-esteem between 14 and 36 months old in the family, if parents have respect for freedom of their children. The sense of freedom at those years help kids to trust their actions, decisions and abilities, it can be a stepping-stone for them to achieve self-esteem.

Now, the question is: “How can parents engender the sense of freedom in their kids?” At those years, parents should create a safe space for children at home in order to they live, play, eat freely.

It gives rise to finding “flight feather” for children, and first will emerge self-respect and then self-esteem for them in the long run. It will work in mature people too, when we treat ourselves with respect, we can enhance our self-respect and self-esteem.

Last word

To sum up, at this article I tried to explain for you the key role of self-esteem in people’s life, and moreover, the ways of improving and bringing up this feature

We can enhance this feature in ourselves and in our children when they are immature, using technics that I mentioned such as become familiar about merits of self-esteem, self-love and to be loved by people, and increasing self-respect.

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