how to make a boy mad in your love – 5 psychological tips

how to make a boy mad in your love

Men might have different personalities but all of them are psychologically the same. That’s right. Luckily, the analysis of a man’s psychology is pretty simple. Almost all men look for the same qualities in women. All of them go mad for a woman who has these qualities and fall head over heels in love for a girl like this.

So  if you want to know how to make a boy mad in your love, you need to these 10 psychological techniques which help you to make a success of your relationship. Fortunately making a boy fall in love with you is pretty simple. In fact, They do not expect much from their love in a romantic relationship. However, if you intend to keep a man’s attention for a long time, you should try and be prepared to sacrifice a little. In other words, you may need to accept things that may not be in accordance with your expectations.

But there is something more important than preparation for sacrifice to make boy mad in your love and that is you shouldn’t think beauty is all you need. In fact, to attract men, it’s not enough to have beauty and physical attraction. Otherwise, Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron would have had settled down with the love of their lives by now, wouldn’t they?

So to make a boy mad for in your love, to make him stay with you more than just one night, to make him not only committed to you, but also making him crave and want you, make him look away when he sees another girl whom he might think is probably more attractive than you, you’d have to dig deeper to find some psychological techniques. If you want the man you like, like you back, you must first, learn these 10 techniques. In this article, I’m going to reveal 10 secrets to make a boy mad in your love.

1.If you can remove your mask and be the real you, he becomes mad in your love

It sounds a little clichéd , but it’s been so far effective. Has it not?

However, if you want your dream man , fall in love with you like Romeo, you have to accept the real YOU and BE the real YOU when you are with him. Men might be simple creatures but they’re not stupid. IF you try hard to be someone else ,if you try to act like in a play in a movie, they will find out. You don’t have to worry about all your faults and defects. After all, no human being is perfect, right?
Do not be afraid to show the real you, even your negative mood swings.

Certainly, your boyfriend prefers that you were completely honest with him. Nothing can be hidden forever, right? And as you move along into your relationship, he will find out about your real personality. So why not showing him the real you from the beginning?

You should know that showing your real you doesn’t mean that you can’t improve yourself and for example learn more techniques to make someone fall in love with.

2. Boys like women with self esteem

Are you one of those girls who blushes quickly and looks down, at the first sign of a boy looking at her?
Do you show off your talents proudly to others? Are you able to talk face to face with others in parties or do you quietly hide behind others? If you’re the second type, you have low self esteem and according to men’s psychology, you are NOT attractive to the opposite sex.
So you need to improve your self esteem as much as you can since it is necessary for your goal regarding making a boy mad in your love. Two of the most important feature to have self esteem is being self assured and secured.

But keep in your mind that it does not mean you’d have to associate with complete strangers or laugh out loud to be the center of everyone’s attention. However, making others laugh in a right way can increase your chance to  make someone fall in love with you.

When a man sees that you are secure and self esteem, he’d be more than proud to make your acquaintance. His feelings of affection towards you, would become stronger and he’d do his best to show everyone he has such a beautiful and confident diamond.

Also remember that self esteem helps you to develop your social skills as well and social skills is another important criteria to make a boy madly fall in love with you.

3. Politely, stick to your standards and insist on your values.

If you always give up to your boyfriend’s likes and dislikes, just to avoid bitter and pointless arguments, you should know that he would never know your value this way.

If you think he’d treat you like a person he needs in his life and if you always let him have his way in everything in life, you are dead wrong. Because this way, you come off as needy. You are showing him you need him more than he needs you and you never want to upset him.

Therefore, you’d become another boring being in his life ,another normal boring creature whom he’d never miss or think twice before upsetting. And by the way, you’re at fault here. You are the one who implicated in his mind, that if there were ever an argument between the two of you, you’d always be the one to compromise or The one who backs down. You are the reason he could never imagine would leave him alone, even when he’s wrong. Why? Because you’ve always been a “yes-sir” woman to him.

So, you need to be a more decisive person. Since it helps a lot sometimes for you to insist firmly on your beliefs and values.

4.Being strong is attractive to men

Now Wait a second there. I did say men like confident women but that doesn’t mean you could start bossing around all the time. That does not mean you can nag every time you see him simply because he did not do what you expect him to do. After all, boys like any other creature on earth have their limits. Doing that causes them to frown in annoyance and disbelief .If you always push him too hard and expect him to give in, he’d feel powerless and make more mistakes. Boys DO NOT LIKE THAT.

If there is one thing boys absolutely hate in their lives, it’s the feeling of being controlled . Traditionally it is men how take control of their relationship. However, even the most intransigent men, need to rest and take it easy sometimes. In these cases ,if a man can be assured that his partner can take control of the life’s situations, he’d love her more. He’d treat her like one of the most important and exceptional people in his life. So, show your boyfriend what you want and ask them nicely and flexibly to do it.

Show him you can be strong and strict, but don’t go too far.


This is the one characteristic all men search in their partners and make boys mad in your love. Although, the arched eyebrows, butterfly eyelashes, female body curves and fitness, fragrant perfumes and how a girl dresses and appears in general could attract a lot of boys, it’s kindness most men search for in girls. Do not believe others who say virgin women are prudish and out dated. Because it’s simply wrong. Boys will love you if you have a good effect on them. If you are kind, your boyfriend could turn into your dream man who is proud to have chosen you. He’d fall deeply in love with you and will want to show everyone what a great diamond he has.

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