13 techniques to develop social skills

Social skills refer to skills to communicate and interact with each other through different type of communication channels, including verbal communication, non-verbal communication, body language and visualized communication.

If someone doesn’t know how to communicate with others to achieve what they expect, it may cause them to feel anxiety when they try to start a communicate with others.

The important of social skills is not only limited to relationship and love but also to business and job. By improving your social skills you can find more friends and having more friends make you more attractive for others. This is why if you want to have a successful life whether in relationship or working you need to develop your social skills.

So here we are going to talk how we can manage to develop our social communicative skill which help us to get what we want.

1# Practice engaging: The best way of improving any skills is by practicing. so start to communicate with others in a daily basis and develop out social skills. It’s not important who you talk to, it’s important you just interact with anyone you encounter with.

2#  Make them laugh: Knowing how to make someone laugh really hard is the key of success in any interaction of your life. Not only you can develop your social skills but also you can develop your skills of humor. Since learning how to make someone laugh needs it’s own techniques, we recommend you look at our precious articles ( for more information look at 7 ways to develop a sense of humor).

3# Listen carefully: One part of social skills is related to understanding others. As you know people are different with each other and you can’t expect that when you behave or interact similarly with different people, the outcome would be same. Listening carefully helps you to understand them and discover how the feel and what they like. then you can use those information when you speak or ask a question.

4# Impressive question: There is nothing more impressive that a good question. providing a question related to their interest according to your information you gather when thy were listening carefully. people usually are interested on explaining or speaking more than listening but only when they like your question.

5# Have a smile: women usually should keep smile on their face more than men but it is a strong powerful technique for both men and women. Having a smile on your face can help you even to make someone fall in love with you because it has a powerful effects on the others mind.

6# Don’t afraid of rejection: No skills would be developed unless we fail and learn from our failing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find the right word or you get anxious while talking, just try to go through a process of trial and error. Don’t care if you fear at first, and remind yourself that you will never develop your social skills if you don’t make mistakes.

7# Find a models: You can find many communicative patterns and models if you observe others carefully. Look at the people around you, like your friend, family or coworkers. Soo which one has a better social skills and then try to notice how they talk, what they say, what vocabulary they use or how they manage their body language. Then try to practice them by visualize it in your mind.

8# Practice visualization: When it comes to practicing and learning, visualization is always a best choice. One way to do this for learning social skills is by thinking about what you learn from your medals and visualize it in your mind. then you can practice it in real when you are alone. And finally you can use it in your interaction.

9# Develop your texting skills: These days many people communicate with each other via texts and social media platforms like what’s up or face book. So if you want to improve your social skills, you have to develop you texting skills. most of the time chatting is not for serious contact so that when you are texting massages or chatting you should focus on how to make your target laugh over text. In order to do that try to find a subject and make a fun of that on the spot.

10# Maintain eye contact: Always take notice of your eye contact and try to maintain it during a conversation. You can practice with one of your friend who you feel easy with. Try to hold eye contact most of the time but don’t stare on your audience. when you are speaking, If there are more than one person, you should divide the duration of your eye contact between everyone listener.

11# Examine the feedbacks: It is not right to make a general rule about how much you can talk or how much you can talk witty. Whatever you do, you have to do it according to your target reactions and feedback. If you see them listen to your carefully and show feedback, It mean your topic or what you are saying is interesting but if you notice that they are bored or care less to what you say, it means you should stop.

12# Show your ambition: Ambitious people are more attractive and others prefer to communicate with them because they exhibit the image of someone how is going to be more successful and powerful in future, which is in line with everyone dreams and desire.

13# Look for more prosperity: Being successful specially in making money make you more attractive but not because people are looking to earn money by you. The real reason behind is that people have some desire and dreams and when they see what they are looking for in others, it makes them impressed.

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